Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Stripes are everywhere and I really love this trend (I was talking about it here).
But when I walk in the street and I see girls wearing the same jeans (well maybe the brand is different but still they look very similar)... I mean who likes to see someone else wearing the same dress as you do?
Anyway, as a stripes lover I can't stay too far from this trend. So this time I was wearing my old striped top. And maybe these stripes are not super trendy or are not as those you can find in every shop (these are horizontal and more thin), I still feel so good and I really like the result. I think it's more fun to try to interpret a trend and to adapt it to your style than to copy blindly! What do you think?
Are you also a stripes lover?

Camaieu Top
DIY Skirt
H&M Boots
Zara Bag

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