Thursday, November 22, 2012


Jeans - Mango, Shoes - Otre, Cap - H&M

Are you wearing your boyfiend's clothes? I am not talking about his t-shirt or shirt in the morning! I mean are you going out wearing his clothes? I am! Not so often but sometimes yes. As this time. I was wearing his sweater! I like it because it's wide for me. It is also soft and looked good with my Mango jeans. I bought these jeans in Lithuania this summer and was wearing them very very often. The shoes are also from Lithuania, I saw and I had to have them! Continuing talking about men clothes, my hat is also from H&M men's section! It's perfect for a sporty look or for a "not a good hair day". But maybe one day I will wear something more feminine with it, will see, sure it's not the last time when you see me with it!


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