Thursday, February 28, 2013


Do you remember this post where I was showing some of my latest DIY? I also asked if you would be interested to see a tutorial and many of you told me: yes! So as I promised, here we go with my first tutorial!
Actually it's super easy to make these bracelets so the tutorial will be short.
You will need:
Nylon or cotton cord
Rhinestone chain
Lobster clasp

Step 1. Cut a piece of your cord: you will need a little bit more than a double wrap of your wrist (mine was about 30 cm). Fold it in half and put it through the both o-ring sides of the lobster clasp and fix the ends of the cord together. This is the base of your bracelet. It should look like that:

Step 2. Lay your rhinestone strand on top and begin wrapping the rest of your cord around it to secure them together:
Continue wrapping till the end and then fix your cord (I was using glue).
And this is the result!

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