Friday, July 26, 2013


Happy Friday! I don't know how it is in your country but here it's really really hot, this weekend the temperature might rise till 40 degrees. But I am not complaining at all, I love summer, with all it's pluses and minuses! And we can always escape by the sea or in the mountains (this is what we are going to do this weekend)! When it's so hot, the best thing to wear is definitely the bikini :) But as I am still in town, I prefer the mini denim shorts and cotton tees. Another great and fresh fabric is linen. I have this dress for years and I still like it. Maybe it's not the most fashionable dress but in days like these it's simply perfect for me. I like it styled in more romantic way too!
So how is the weather in your country? What are you wearing when it's super hot?

Very Old Dress
ZARA Shoes
DIY Clutch
KAYMADE Bracelets

Have a fabulous weekend!

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